Our Next US Law Shield Gun Law Seminar will be held

August 22nd 6pm

Bedford VA Moose Lodge.

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You carry for self defense and thats great! What kind of self defense do you have from the legal system? You may have been right to use a weapon or not. Who are you going to turn to? You get one phone call!  You are going to call an Attorney right? Ok what kind of attorney? Are they local? do you have $50,000 for a retainer? Or just go Public Defender?

That's why you need US Law Shield!

US Law Shield provides instant access to a SELF DEFENSE ATTORNEY!

For as little as $11/month you retain the proper attorney and the best part is you have no out of pocket legal fees! The Shield covers you with no monitary spending cap in criminal, civil and appeals court. That's a HUGE Peace of mind when defending yourself in the legal system! Don't bankrupt yourself or your family! As a member of the Shield you also have access to great training, Attend a local Gun Law Seminar to discuss what happens after the shot. Speak with self defense attorneys and Law Enforcement Personel about what happens, when can I shoot?